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C2D Technology is a silicon valley based company developing leading edge deposition technologies for DLC and Functionally Gradient DLC coatings for the automotive industry. Our proprietary deposition method is the fastest and lowest cost solution on the market today. When applied to various automotive parts, this near frictionless coating increases fuel efficiency dramatically. Corrosion and wear resistance is another benefit of C2D coatings.

The C2D Technology team comprises multi-disciplined professionals with decades of experience developing deposition systems and technology. The team quickly recognized the limitations of existing diamond and diamond like carbon (DLC) coating systems and set out to achieve these four deliverables in C2D: flexibility for multiple form factors, reliability for extreme environments, speed for continuous mass production, and cost for economy of scale.



C2D's deposition process can coat diesel engine liners, gasoline engine blocks, a variety of piston rings, crankshaft, and most automotive parts for scalable production.



Guaranteed Reliability

C2D coatings have characteristic hardness approaching diamond with a near frictionless surface.


Flexible Applications

Our unique deposition process can coat an unlimited variety of surfaces.

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Systems for Mass Production

C2D deposition process can coat parts at high speeds and at a fraction of the cost of traditional DLC coating systems.

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